Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Life- The Movie Version

SETTING: office conference room. (Off screen) BOSS: "Make sure you bring enough copies of that calendar you made!" (A group shuffles into the room and gathers around a table. One chair remains empty). (Also off screen)* Note find way to portray these internal thoughts* EMPLOYEE: "Sheeeet, never made that calendar. I'll just take screenshots of the current online calendar and print out in all their pixelated glory" (EMPLOYEE enters conference room and sits) BOSS: Are these all the months of the year? (EMPLOYEE leaves again. Returns fifteen minutes later, more screenshots in hand) Boss: (pauses, squints at papers): "umm ...these look funny..." EMPLOYEE: (wide eyed, cocks head gives concerned look) hmmm (bewildered shrug) (Off screen the audience can hear sixty-five copies of the calendar being printed to the confusion of all around) Stage goes dark and scene. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ how did I get hired again??

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There's been a dearth of posting over here because I'm too busy refreshing this awesome website I found busy like woah.
Using a specialized software program and cameras, Color Forecast analyzes the colors trending in Paris, Milan, and Anthwerp. Rather than guessing, magic, or constantly interviewing models, the way it works is this: cameras set up on the streets grab images and send them to a computer database. The computer's software divides the colors into groups and analyzes which are most prominent. Every fifteen minutes the site updates letting the Euro-wannabe know what colors they should be wearing. It's pretty cool- when I started this post the colors were pink, plum, and light gray; now they're rose, burnt orange, and hot pink.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

As far as administrative professionals go I sort of walk the line: I don't hold the title, but I do the tasks. The ambiguity makes a little unsure if I can buy myself flowers and justify taking the rest of the day off. No matter what I decide Happy Admin Day to all!
This one hits a bit close to home:
all from someecards

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Writing Thoughts

The natives are getting restless:
JR :: SarahApr 18, 2012 02:23 AM CAN YOU FUCKING BLOG MORE OFTEN?!?!

Far be it for me to piss off my one and only reader so here goes- ask and ye shall receive!!!

(Gotcha all excited didn’t I? Well don’t be because the topic of this post is why I haven’t blogged much and ethics. I’m fun, ya?)

See as of late I’ve gotten a little gun shy about writing here. It all happened when I decided to do like the cool kids do and become social media savvy.

This is a horrible idea.

I’ve never been a cool kid (high school band camp and math club three years running, thankyouverymuch) or savvy at anything let alone social media.

But I forgot this and forged ahead, linking my blog and twitter account. While congratulating myself on how genius and legit I now looked I walked past the desk of an upper level staff member and saw him cruising twitter.

Light bulbs flashed, an impressive mental head slap was landed and it dawned on me that simply googling my name would take you to my twitter which would take you to my blog which spends a fair amount of time discussing work. Ergo, bad idea; and yes, I too am amazed at how long it took for me to connect the dots- I blame my attempt at removing coffee from my life.

So the link went down, but the idea of getting caught out writing about work stuck. It wormed its way into my mind, hooked up with my recollection of the company policy on blog writing, and created a baby of writer’s block and doubt.

As I do with most things in my life, when I started this blog I told my mom. She tsk’d and warned me about things like overexposure to personal information and talking about work in an inappropriate manner. I, as I do with most things in my life, rolled my eyes and assumed I knew better. “Times were different! Everyone my generation overshares online! It’s how we connect.” Besides I was smart enough to not become that person who writes something that upsets their boss or publishes private company information.

But realizing the other day how easy it would be for someone at work to innocently stumble across my writing I began to think more about what I should and do write here. My intent isn’t to discuss this company in the specific, but rather working in general as an early twenty-something at an entry level job. I hope for my blog to be a place where I share the ridiculous day to day (or umm as my posting schedule as of late has been, month to month) of working. That and a place to post cute clothing I want- can’t forget about that.

I don’t want to stop writing about work as it takes up most of my week, is something I think often about, and let’s face it, there’s no more space for a lifestyle blogger as the market is cornered. So I’ll keep writing, but I’m hoping for a change as to the content and blogging schedule.

Now corgi puppies to lighten everything up:

Friday, March 30, 2012

Pulling it together

This morning getting out of bed and pulling it together was nothing short of a miracle. In fact I'm still pulling it together.

But it's almost 5 and there's a concert and beer festival on the horizon as well as two full days of time in which to really pull it together (hello badly needed manicure). I leave you with this song, which may or may not have been the only thing that kept me walking to the bus stop this morning and not just falling asleep under a tree. Like I said, rough morning.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Reason #whatever I miss working from home: The ability to immediately verify that my passport wasn't expired rather than sitting and wondering. Hope that won't be an issue in 5 days when I arrive at the airport...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best. Lunch. Ever.

because she looks like I feel
My entire team is gone. Off doing some lunch meeting thing or other with some important person or other (clearly I'm real invested) which means I get the next two hours to read blogs, go shopping, take a nap at my desk, update my blog work completely uninterrupted. So what should it be folks? What should I do??

A. Work (pppbbbth)
B. Shop
C. Read blogs
D. Take a nap
E. Update car insurance (hi mom!)
F. Twiddle thumbs and stare at the ceiling.

Le sigh, so many options!